Sunday, June 29, 2008


After a busy and very stressful week, I was not expecting a loss. Imagine my sheer delight to step onto the scale yesterday and see 164, a two pound loss! I went onto TDP to track the loss and when my BMI popped up I realized I'M NO LONGER OBESE!!!!! That feels freakin AWESOME! Back in November when I started this journey my BMI was 40! I had no idea how much weight I really needed to lose until I saw that number. Today my BMI is 29.99, just .01 below obesity, but who cares, the fact that it's .01 below and not 10 above is worth a celebration to me.

Years ago if someone would have told me that I'd be celebrating being "overweight", I would have called them a liar to their face. I am still amazed by how I let my eating habits get so out of control. I ate like crap all day everyday. I should have known all the fat was building up. Thank God the "warning light" came on when it did, before anything under the hood needed to be fixed. I'm walking away from obesity with only minor cosmetic damage. A little loose skin and a few stretch marks here and there. Other people are not so lucky. Some end up with transmission problems, fuel system problems, engine trouble, or worse complete engine failure. I am very fortunate the only lasting results of years of obesity for me are things that are purely superficial!

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Karen said...

I love your 'car' analogies !!! Very cute.

Congrats on no longer being obese! I was just looking at your tracker and you have now got less than 30 lbs to go, before you're at goal. That is totally awesome.

You go girl!!!

I need to get my tracker bck up there and get myself back in the groove...