Saturday, June 21, 2008

Carbs Anyone?

Well I'm about 7 months into my journey and all of a sudden I am craving carbs like crazy! I didn't realize it until today, but this week I have been having the strongest craving for simple carbs. It's not time for my monthly visitor, so I really don't understand it. I haven't restricted carbs from my diet, so my body isn't going through withdrawal, but it is definitely begging for carbs. I'm not expecting a loss this week b/c before today I wasn't paying attention. Next week I'll up the protein again and hopefully this carb thing will go away. Simple carbs love my midsection and I am too proud of my forming six pack to waste it on junk! Plus I wanna drop this last 36 pounds and I can't do that eating sugar and food that turn into sugar.

Does anyone else go through the carb craving phases?

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Karen said...


The cravings have been really bad the last couple of weeks. It's also been hot here, so I think I might have got a bit dehydrated. I've been making sure I drink lots of fluids and also eat plenty of fruit. that seems to be helping the cravings...