Monday, June 16, 2008

Awesome Weigh-In

Just to toot my own horn a bit, I lost an amazing 4 pounds this week. I really worked hard last week. After being on vacation so long, I really wanted to put up some nice numbers to stay on track with my goals. I'm seriously considering getting a personal trainer in August to help me finish this leg of the journey. Since I've already done so much of this on my own, it would be nice to finish on my own, but I'm open to the idea of help. All that matters is reaching that finish line so that I can move into maintenance. I know I will never be obese again. That is a promise I have made to myself. I love this beautiful body God has given me too much not to take care of it. Afterall, this is the only one I'll get. At 40, I want to still look and feel young. I don't want years of bad choices to make me look old before I get there. I want my husband and children to be proud of me. I never want to be the mother who embarrasses their child every time they come to the school. I want my children to beam with pride when they introduce me to their teachers, friends, and classmates. At 240 pounds, I was the "fat" Mommy. Young children make the most honest observations I have ever heard. The last thing I want is for my children to experience an ounce of pain due to their Mommy's appearance.

My husband is in the military which obviously focuses heavily on weight. At 240, I was one of those spouses that "needed to lose a few pounds". My husband is amazing, and loves me unconditionally, but I want to be a prize on his arm, not someone that his co-workers joke about behind his back. I don't want to be the wife with the "pretty face". Simply the "pretty wife" works for me.

At 166, I don't get nearly as many "your face is so pretty" comments. At this point, I am no longer plus size. Now it is about meeting my goal. It is about the confidence that comes with proving that I can do anything I set my mind to. This decision to get in shape and stay that way has to be one of the single most important decisions I have ever made. In this moment, I love me for loving me enough to do this!

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Karen said...

Good on you!! You're only 36 lbs away from your goal weight, that is really awesome.

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a struggle for me. Reading a blog like yours is an inspiration and helps give me the energy to get back on track again. :-)