Sunday, May 18, 2008

SIZE 12!!!

Okay, so maybe I'm just terrible at figuring out what size I actually wear b/c today I tried on two pairs of jeans (both 12R) and they both fit perfectly! I can't wrap my mind around the fact that a size 12 actually fits me. I guess I should back up a little. Yesterday I picked up a pair of jeans to wear when I go visit my family. I got a 14R b/c thats the size I thought would fit (nothing is more deflating than trying on clothes that are too small). When I picked them up, I thought they were cut kinda small, so I was leary about getting them. Then I figured, what the heck, if they don't fit I can just keep working hard until they do. So I get home and try the jeans on and they are pretty loose. If I were at goal I would have probably just worn them with a belt, but since I still have a long way to go, I thought it would be stupid to keep pants that I would only be able to wear for a month or so. Well, today I returned the jeans, and tried on a 12 in the same brand. The 12's fit perfectly, so I got two of them.

I intentionally shopped in the juniors section for the first time (the women's section here sucks). Being able to walk pass the plus size section just blows my mind. I've been a plus size girl my entire adult life. Part of me still feels like I am. I guess it will take time for my brain to catch up with my weight loss.

On a side note, I have a new best friend... well, second best. My crock-pot still holds the first spot, but this appliance is a close second and rounding third headed for home. Anyway, the mystery appliance is my new George Foreman grill. I have no idea why I waited all these years to get one, but I am so glad I finally did. I can come home from work, throw soem chicken or turkey breast on there and in no time I have perfectly cooked, tender juicy meat! It's like heaven in my kitchen. I use it almost everyday. With veggies slow cooking in the crock-pot while I'm at work and meat on the George Foreman while I'm changing out of my work clothes, I can have dinner on the table within 15 of arriving home. For a woman that doesn't like to spend much time in the kitchen these inventions are the best thing since sliced bread!

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Karen said...

WOW !!! Congratulations. Must make you feel really, really good about yourself. :-)