Saturday, May 3, 2008

Officially a 14!

I posted back in March when I bought a pair of size 14 pants and they fit, but I didn't count that as my "official" size as they were a little snug, plus they had "stretch" in them. So I bought another pair of 14's, this time jeans though with no stretch. I thought I got them from the ladies section, but somehow I picked them up from juniors.... what was I thinking.... I guess I wasn't. Anywho, the 14R from the junior section now fits perfectly (plus I've gotten some other 14's here and there and every single piece fits!!!). I wore the jeans yesterday and my husband kept telling me how great I looked. He said he loved the jeans on me, and my legs looked... are you ready for this?.... SKINNY!!!! He said my legs looked skinny!!! I can't freaking believe it. I realize they aren't really skinny, but they are much smaller than they were when he saw me last. My legs still need the most work as I am a pear shape, but he said they looked skinny! If that's the case then the rest of me must look skinny too since the legs still have the most fat. I am beyond proud of myself for finally making the decision to do something about my health and appearance.

I don't think anyone should settle for "I'm just big boned", or "I'll never be thin". I just don't believe those statements are true. There was a time in my life when I did, but now I know better. I will never be a size 2 (simply b/c I don't want to be), but I am on my way to thin. I only have 44 pounds left to lose to reach my goal of 130 which will probably be about a size 8 on me, which is perfect. I don't need to be any smaller than that. That will be a healthy size and weight for my height which is in turn healthy for my heart. I find myself listening to other overweight women and hearing them say the same things I once said almost hurts. It hurts b/c I know most of them say it for the same reason I did. To avoid the pain that comes from being overweight. No one wants to be overweight. No one wants to be called fat. No one wants to only be able to shop in certain stores b/c they can't fit regular sizes. Thats not fun or encouraging for anyone. I'm going back to the States to visit my family in a few weeks, and I am looking forward to shopping in regular stores again.

I know I still have a very long way to go with my weight loss, but I have made a huge accomplishment and I am going to reward myself for it. Not everyone can say they have lost 66 pounds, so this hard work deserves a treat. My husband wants to lose 40 pounds and I still have the remaining 44 so we have given ourselves until October to do it. If we both reach our goals, we are going on a cruise to reward ourselves. I'm very excited about that as I've never been on a cruise before. Then once I maintain my weight loss for one year I am treating myself to a breast lift. I always thought I'd go for the tummy tuck, but my tummy is flattening quite nicely, so breast lift it is. I can't wait. It feels so good to actually plan these long term goals as if I am already there.

Here is a pic of me from our vacation, which by the way was amazing, so I'll include a pic of the view from our balcony as well! I love the mountains!!!


Karen said...

Congratulations!!! You should be really, really proud of yourself!!

word2yomutha said...

you look amazing and deserve every reward that you set for yourself!!! size 14 is a great accomplishment, I remember you were down to 16 not that long ago - and I agree with what you say about people saying they're big boned or never will be skinny, its a matter of being in denial and I'll be the first to say I'm fat and look forward to getting healthy and whatever size comes with that I will welcome =)

JayLady said...

Thanks Ladies!