Saturday, March 22, 2008

Finally got my second wind!

Well since seeing my I.D. photos side by side, and hitting the 50 pound mark I have felt a real sense of accomplishment. So much so I have really been slacking off. I knew I was losing b/c my clothing size has been steadily going down, but seeing the difference in my I.D. photos helped me to actually "see" the difference in my body. I have really lost 52 pounds. It's not a dream, I am not imagining the weight loss, it has actually happened. I have contour lines on my face again. I have a neck and only 1 chin! I even have collar bones....who knew!!! My wedding rings are too loose as opposed to too tight. My watch is actually a little too big. My shoes fit better, scratch that, they actually fit. My feet aren't too wide/fat for the cute shoes I've been holding onto for years. (I'm a big shoe person)

This is the type of thinking that has caused me to slow down. It was almost as if I had "arrived" in my own mind. I wanted to take some of the pressure off of myself and enjoy the new me. The result: I haven't lost anything so far this week and my weigh-in is in two days. Unless a pound miraculously comes off between now and then this will be the first week that I have not lost anything. That realization has really put things into perspective for me, and thus gave me my second wind! I am going back to my eating pattern that I used when I first started losing. Little to no fat, very high protein, no simple carbs, and low complex carbs. Hopefully this will shock my body back into losing mode. I have a very long way to go and no time for stagnation. My goal is to lose at least 18 pounds in exactly two months. I am visiting family for Memorial Day and I want to be down a total of 70 pounds by then. So, with a renewed vigor I am entering the second phase of this journey. 170 here I come!!!!

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Karen said...

Congratulations on your weight loss. That's inspiring.

Your story about the cookies is very familiar ..... been there, done that.