Sunday, February 17, 2008

12 weeks in......

This week I had another huge weight loss victory! I noticed everything in my closet was getting way too big, so I decided to get a smaller size to see how much more I needed to work to get into it. I have been wearing an 18W with a few 20W here and there, but honestly, I knew I needed to go up to 20W. ALL of my 18W's were getting way too tight. I had so many pairs of pants that were just flat out too small. Anyway, the 18W's have gotten loose, so I decided to buy a couple of 16W's to see how much work I needed to do to get in them. Well I got home and tried on the first pair and they fit AWESOME!!! I was so pleased. I tried on the second pair and they were pretty loose. I look at the tags and realized I accidentally grabbed a regular 16 and a wide. The wide was actually a little big on me. I can't believe I can actually wear a regular 16. It's been YEARS since I have been a comfortable 16. Just to put on something with no "W" behind it is mind blowing to me.

I also officially hit the 40 pound mark this week. Which means I am 1 pound away from "Onederland"! I have not weighed less than 200 pounds in almost 6 years. It feels so good to actually be getting back into shape. I have lost a total of 25 inches since January 5th, thats just 6 weeks. Even my shoes fit better. No more squeezing into all of my cute shoes that I refused to get rid of when I gained weight. This feeling is amazing. It should be bottled and sold to every over weight person worldwide. It is more motivating than anything I have ever experienced. I am only 70 pounds away from my goal weight of 130. Years ago I thought it was impossible for me to get down to 130, but today I am convinced that this is not only possible, but that I am well on my way. Every time I get dressed I am reminded of how much weight I have lost, and I get excited all over again. The gym has become one of my favorite places. I feel empowered when I reach a new cardio goal, or when I can press a little more weight a few more times. My arms are shaping up so well. My triceps still need alot of work, but my biceps look awesome. My legs also need lots of work since thats where my body stores most of the extra fat, but here recently I have noticed they are slimming down alot. At first I was loosing most of the inches from around my waist, but now my hips and thighs are shedding inches like crazy. Measuring is an awesome tool to help me focus on the area that is already slimming and toning. Needless to say, I am thrilled, and I can't wait to reach my next mini goal of 190.....I'm almost there!

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